Bid Set Distribution

Distribution of Plans, Specifications, and Construction Documents

Bid Set Distribution is a vital part of our full-service reprographics department. A successful project begins with a well-managed and professionally-handled distribution process.

Since 1995, our distribution department has been actively engaged in the organization and implementation of pre-bid document handling for countless public and private agencies throughout the State of California. Our experience and knowledge are at your disposal. We stay up-to-date on current public contract distribution codes and will work closely with you and your team to ensure a trouble-free bid opening. Interested parties can purchase bid sets directly through ASAP and are then added to the official plan holders’ list. They receive all documentation issued throughout the bid process, including any contract revisions (addenda, RFI responses, architects’ clarifications, consultants’ reports, document holders’ list updates, etc.). We record and maintain proofs of document receipt in the event a confirmation of receipt is required.

Our on-line, web-based document handling software can be individually customized to suit the needs of your project and can even link directly from your website. It is cost-effective, simple to navigate, and guarantees that you, your staff, your selected builders’ exchanges, and your contractors are continually apprised of all pre-bid information.

Trusting an outside firm with project distribution is a big step. We have an impressive list of references and would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities to you. Please contact Vicki at 805- 772-6921 for more information.